Focusing on the Essentials

During this unprecedented time, there are many uncertainties that we are facing every day. As Christians, we can be certain that God is in control, and that He wants us to continue to fulfill the chief end of man: To Glorify God & to Enjoy Him Forever.

The question for us as Christians is, how can we continue to glorify God and to enjoy Him when our lives have changed so drastically in the past few weeks? The Bible gives us 6 Essentials that we must continue to cultivate in our lives, and if we do, we will bring Him glory and we will enjoy Him more and more. These Essentials are the core biblical priorities that define every Christian's life. These actions strengthen our devotion to Jesus Christ, they deepen our love for God and for other people, and they cause us to grow in personal holiness. Whether we are out in the community, or homebound, we know God wants us to implement these Essentials in our daily lives so that we can grow in His truth and be a light to a dark and dying world.

1. Bible Study

Joshua 1:8

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to establish a faithful, consistent time in God’s Word each day. Reading God’s Word equips you for the trials of this life, and it gives you a greater understanding and appreciation of your Creator!

Read God's Word

  • Plot out a consistent time of day to read.
  • Prepare a consistent location that is conducive to learning.
  • Plan to utilize the Youth Reading Plan. The reading plan is online for you to download and access. The plan includes questions to help you consider what you read.

Memorize God's Word

  • You can utilize our Youth Memorization Plan to meditate on God’s truth by committing key verses to heart.
  • The plan also includes book themes to study and to memorize as well.
  • You can also use our Quizlet template to help you memorize and to quiz yourself. Go to (or use the app)– search for: Countryside Youth - Bible Quizzing

2. Evangelism

Matthew 28:19-20

The world is very apprehensive and uncertain about what is going on, but we as Christians know that God is in control! Let’s share the good news with others so that they may follow the Lord Jesus Christ, too! But how am I supposed to go into the world to share the gospel when I’m at home?!

  • It may be that you have unsaved family members that you can share with. Your life and your words may be what God uses to save them.
  • It may be that this is a great time to have a phone conversation with that friend of yours from school or from the neighborhood that you’ve never shared the Gospel with.

3. Fellowship

Hebrews 10:24-25

With your friends

  • Be proactive in scheduling time to call friends or to interact with them through other virtual means. Be deliberate in what you discuss, though.
  • Plan to talk about what you have been learning from God’s Word and how your walk with the Lord has been going. Share struggles, pray requests and praises with each other.

With your small group

  • Join your youth small group via Zoom. If your group has not started this already, they will soon coordinate times with your small group where you can see and talk to each other online.

4. Prayer

Philippians 4:6-7

During this time, our church, our family, and our nation need us to be in prayer! One of the foundations of a healthy prayer life is determination. You have to determine to set aside time to pray. For many, you have plenty of time on your hands, but if you don’t determine and plan to pray, then you still won’t do it consistently.

  • Plot out consistent times to pray.
  • Prepare to pray in a quiet, undisturbed place.
  • Plan out what you are going to pray and who you are going to pray for. The Youth Reading Plan has different prayer topics assigned for each day to help you with this.

5. Service

1 Peter 4:10

Going to church isn't an option right now, but there are still other ways we can serve others for the glory of God.

  • Encourage others via text, and you can call them to see how they are doing in order to build them up in the faith. Praying for them is a great way to serve others, too!
  • At home, you can be a huge blessing by asking your mom and dad how you can serve them each day. It might be that you take on more chores around the house, or that you spend time teaching/interacting with your siblings.

6. Worship

Psalm 95:6-7

Our lives are a service of worship to God, and that doesn't change just because we can't gather together on Sunday and Wednesday.

  • Worship the Lord through your obedience to Him. Commit yourself to follow His instructions that He has given in the Word.
  • Worship the Lord by serving others in appreciation for Jesus' act of love for us on the cross.
  • Worship God by singing/playing music that honors Him, and we can still participate in the Sunday morning worship services that are streamed on Sunday mornings.