Missionary swanson

Joe & Kristi Swanson

UIM International

Joe, Kristi, and their family recently moved to Central Asia. This fall, the entire family will be taking language classes as well as studying cultural acquisition at the local university and at a local private school. They are working with another family from UIM Mexico with the goal of extending the kingdom of God in Christ in Central Asia through discipleship in the local church and biblical counseling.

Prayer Request

  • For team relationships and language learning.
  • For Joe as he seeks opportunities to build strategic relationships in the community.
  • For Kristi’s health and strength as she balances all the responsibilities of being a mother and a language student.
  • For Joe and Kristi as they shepherd their children through this new chapter of their ministry while helping them learn the language and to make friends quickly.
  • For their one local pastor who is very ill with stomach cancer and for the local church to be strengthened in these uncertain times.


  • For traveling mercies and God’s abundant provision for their needs as they arrived in Central Asia.
  • For God leading them to their new home, places of learning, and new friends while protecting them from those who would seek to cause harm.
  • For allowing them to get their 1 year student visas.