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Leader Resources

Please click on the link below to fill out the Membership Interview/Recommendation form. This form may be filled out during the interview or shortly afterward.

The purpose of the form is not to retype their testimony for them, etc., but as a place for you, as the interviewer, to put down thoughts as you speak with them.

The most important parts of the form are these:

  1. Membership Applicant’s Name – Make sure this is filled in, or I won’t know who the form is approving!
    • NOTE: Each membership applicant must have their own recommendation form. Therefore, a husband/wife would need to have two forms filled out, one in each of their names.
  2. PENDING BAPTISM question – Make sure to check this box if they need to be baptized in order to complete their membership
  3. Recommendation – This is your yes or no to the elder board on whether to approve this person for membership!

Click on this link to complete the form:

Membership - Leader Interview/Recommendation Form

Week 1 - Membership Class Introduction Video