Thanksgatherings 2020


This year, instead of having formal Thanksgatherings, we encourage you to gather with others in your family or those you have regular contact with to direct your heart toward gratitude to the Lord. A video is available below to help direct your time and some other supplies for use.

2020 Thanksgatherings FAQ

What is a Thanksgathering?

A Thanksgathering is an intentional time of fellowship and sharing about God's goodness. Whether it is just your family or involves time with others you regularly interact with, it is an opportunity to reflect on the goodness of God and give Him praise and thanksgiving. Thanksgatherings typically include fellowship over a meal followed by a time of singing, Scripture reading, and sharing. This year, we are providing some video and other resources to assist you in this time.

What will the video include?

A complete Thanksgathering video is available to help facilitate your time together. You will watch the video together, participating in singing and pausing when appropriate for interaction. The video includes:

  • A welcome from Pastor Tom
  • Music
  • Directed Scripture readings
  • Clips of gratitude and directed sharing

Individual song videos are also be available if you prefer greater flexibility and for other use.

How will we access the video?

The videos are available below or on the Countryside YouTube Channel (can access through many TVs or streaming devices)

Do we have to do it on Sunday evening, November 22?

While we are canceling evening service on November 22 to facilitate these times of fellowship, the video resources will be available for use at any time through the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Thanksgatherings | November 2020

Thanksgathering Video

Watch this full Thanksgathering video together, participating in singing and pausing when appropriate for interaction. Additional song videos are available below if desired.

Thanksgatherings - Individual song videos

In Christ Alone
Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery
There Is A Redeemer
Behold Our God
His Mercy is More
10,000 Reasons