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Children's Choirs

Our children’s choirs meet on Wednesday nights during the school year from 7:00–8:30 pm. We emphasize a mix of favorite hymns and choruses, along with fun Scripture songs for Bible memorization. The choirs perform twice a year in the main worship services (see below for the performance dates of each choir).

During the spring, we meet on all Foundations/Home Fellowship weeks along with several additional Wednesday evenings for rehearsals as follows:

  • January 10 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • January 24 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • February 7 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • February 21 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • March 6 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • March 20 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • April 10 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • April 17
  • April 24 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • May 1
  • May 8 (Foundations/HF Night)
  • May 15
  • May 18 (Joyful Sounds ONLY Musical Dress Rehearsal 9am-12pm)
  • May 19 Spring Performance and Musical

Children’s Choir is the only on-campus ministry for children K-5th grade on Foundations/Home Fellowship nights. Registration and a commitment to participate in the rehearsals and performance are required for involvement.

Registration for the spring semester is now closed.

  1. Shouts of Joy

    Directed by Bethany Rinn

    In the Shouts of Joy choir, children learn to worship well together, memorize God’s word, and sing praise to Him. They also learn to work together and experience performing in front of the congregation twice during the year.

    Spring Performance - Sunday, May 19 at 6 PM

    Registration closed on Jan 15.

  2. JoySong

    Directed by Kelly Sandifer

    JoySong performs twice per year in the Worship Center. Our class times consist of music appreciation, special guest performances by church orchestra and choir members, worship time, Bible memorization, games and snacks!

    Spring Performance - Sunday, May 19 at 6 PM

    Registration closed on Jan 15.

  3. Joyful Sounds

    Directed by Kirsten Bigelow

    Joyful Sounds gathers to use our gifts and talents to worship the Lord. Our mission is to sing and praise God and help the children understand their unique role in worshiping the Lord with music.

    Spring Performance - Sunday, May 19 at 6 PM

    Registration closed on Jan 15.

2023-05-21 | Children's Spring Concert & Musical

Joseph and the Dream Team Xtreme

2023 Spring Musical

In case you missed it, here's the 2023 Spring Musical performed by the Joyful Sounds choir.