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  1. Event and Resource Requests

    We want to make it easy for ministry leaders to schedule events and utilize our campus resources. If you haven't already, please review our Facilities Policies here. Then, select the resource or type of event you would like to schedule, and fill out the corresponding form. We'll get back to you soon.

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Constitution & Bylaws

As an organization, Countryside takes great efforts to remain above reproach in all things. We pursue a high standard of godliness in our interactions within the church, and as we submit to the laws that govern us. For more information, please view our church policies.


The Countryside bookstore provides biblically sound resources to the congregation.


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Check out the calendar to stay up-to-date on the events and ministries of the church. You can also subscribe to the calendar feed in your favorite calendar app.

Campus Map

Countryside Bible Church is located at 250 Countryside Ct, Southlake, TX. If you need to find your way around campus, check out the campus map.


Community is our online church software. It helps us with communication and organization. Community provides an online directory so that you can connect with people you meet at church, and most event and ministry registration are also organized through Community.


See available positions for employment at Countryside Bible Church.


Giving is an important part of our worship. To learn what the Bible says about giving, check out this article. If you would like to give to support Countryside's ministry of the gospel, there are slots in the Worship Center exits where you can leave your contribution or you can give online via our online giving portal.


You can access the complete archive of lessons and sermons taught at Countryside. The archives let you search and filter the media so that you can easily find what you're looking for.