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Church Planting

The Lord Jesus definitively declared in Matthew 16:18 that He will build His church. Following this pronouncement, and upon the basis of His sovereign authority, Jesus commissioned His followers to go and make disciples within the context of the local church beginning in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28:18–20; Acts 1:8). It is this very mission we see the disciples devoted to throughout the book of Acts as they endeavored to plant and establish local churches (Acts 2:41–42; 8:3–5, 12, 14; 9:31; 11:19–26; 13:1–4; 14:21–23; 15:35–36, 40–41).

Therefore, in obedience to our Lord's mandate and in following the model of the New Testament church, Countryside is committed to planting churches beginning in our own Jerusalem (DFW metroplex), and then beyond, as the Lord provides opportunities.

  1. Church Plant Interest Survey

    Countryside is currently targeting a new church plant, led by Wes Condra, in the DFW metroplex area sometime in the year 2025.

    As of now the location is still being determined.

    If you have questions, contact Wes.

A Biblical View of Church Planting

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Meet the Pastor

Wes Condra currently serves at Countryside Bible Church as an Associate Pastor after having served as a Pastoral Assistant and Youth Intern. His ministry will primarily focus on church planting in the DFW area within the next two years. Wes currently lives in Haslet with his wonderful wife, Sarah, and their son, Gideon.

To schedule a time to meet with Wes click here.

Learn More About Wes

Sermons by Wes

Past Countryside Church Plant

  1. NBC Web Announcement 2023

    Northlake Bible Church

    Northlake Bible Church was the first church planted by Countryside in 2020. Led by Pastor Dusty Burris, and accompanied by a strong core of Countrysiders, the church established herself in the growing area of Northlake, TX. Since her public launch, Northlake has officially become independent, now having the oversight of a plurality of elders.