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Countryside takes an active role in missions by training up future missionaries, supporting current missionaries, and fostering an awareness of missions throughout the church body. We take seriously the role of the local church in sending and supporting missionaries around the world. It is our desire to be an active participant in the Great Commission. Several missionaries supported by Countryside serve in sensitive locations; you will need to log in to view their information.

  1. Missions Prayer Teams

    We have established prayer teams for each of our missionaries. Prayer team members pray regularly for, and receive periodic updates from their missionary. If you would like to serve in this way, please register here.

    If you have questions, contact


  • Missionary amack

    Trevor & Hayley Amack

    The Amacks are serving in Cambodia where they will be planting churches.

  • Missionary anderson

    Don & Kathey Anderson

    Don teaches Bible classes in adult and juvenile detention centers across the DFW metroplex.

  • Missionary black

    Ernie Black

    Ernie shares the gospel with youth in juvenile detention centers across North Texas.

  • Missionary gendron

    Mike & Jane Gendron

    Mike shares the gospel with Roman Catholics around the world.

  • Missionary gibson

    Duane & Marilyn Gibson

    The Gibsons train and encourage Mexican pastors while also distributing gospel literature to Spanish-speaking peoples.

  • Izquierdo

    Eduardo & Valeria Izquierdo

    Eduardo & Valeria are church-planting in their hometown of Monterrey, Mexico.

  • Missionary mitchell

    Ryan and Elna Mitchell

    Ryan and Elna Mitchell are missionaries to the unreached tribal peoples of Papua New Guinea.

  • Missionary musgrove

    Jenna Musgrove

    Jenna is serving in the Dominican Republic teaching at a Christian school.

  • Missionary ravoahangy

    Faly & Lily Ravoahangy

    Faly trains pastors in his native Madagascar.

  • Schneider 01

    Steve & Leslie Schneider

    Steve and Leslie live in Chile where Steve trains pastors from around the country in biblical teaching and counseling.

  • Missionary seehusen

    Michael & Jordan Seehusen

    The Seehusens serve in Fiji, where Michael trains pastors and church leaders at a Bible college.

  • Missionary swanson

    Joe & Kristi Swanson

    The Swansons serve in the Pacific Northwest where Joe uses his counseling abilities supporting UIM and MAF missionaries.

  • Missionary turner

    Dallas & Alexia Turner

    Dallas trains pastors and teams for ministry around the world. Dallas has worked in India, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Russia, and Uganda.

  • Weathers pic

    Eric & Debbie Weathers

    Eric serves in leadership with TMAI, interacting with supporters and providing assistance to TMAI’s global network of pastoral training centers.