AVL Ministry

The AVL Ministry contributes to Countryside’s ministry of the gospel through live audio and video production of our worship services. This benefits our local congregation, and those who worship with us remotely via our live video stream. We have a wide array of service opportunities and provide training to help volunteers develop and refine their skills.

Our mission is to enhance the proclamation of the Gospel message in a clear and non-distracting way to the local congregation as well as to the world by amplifying the Word of God as taught and sung through the use of high-quality production methods.

Want to Serve?

We are currently in need of audio support volunteers and camera operators. We will provide training for these positions. Please click here to sign up.

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Service Opportunities

These are the positions that we utilize and train throughout the year:

FOH Audio Engineer

Responsible for Front of House sound. Mixes the main worship services at a highly skilled level so that everything is clearly heard and free from distractions like distorted signals and feedback.

Studio Audio Engineer

Mixes the sound for the live internet broadcast. This differs from the FOH mixing position as it is tailored to our internet audience who are not in the room by providing a well-balanced mix that allows them to worship alongside the rest of our body in song and hearing the word taught.

Video Director

Oversees all aspects of the video broadcast while ensuring quality for the stream including camera color, operation, volunteer management, recording of all applicable feeds and more. This role is usually a staffed position, but may be filled by a volunteer on occasion.

Video Switcher

Directs our camera operators and mixes the live video cut that goes to our internet streaming broadcast.

Camera Operator

Operates cameras under the direction of the Video Director, working together with the team to provide an engaging view of the service for the internet broadcast.

Lighting Operator

Operates the lighting console for the theatrical lights on stage and the house lights. Critical to keeping the service flowing with the lighting cues as we transition between service elements.

Graphics Operator

Operates Pro-Presenter for the lyric slides projection for congregational singing and the lower third graphics for the stream.

AV Support

Supports our Sunday school classes by assisting the teachers with their mics, running the PA system and connecting PowerPoint slides.

Stage Crew

Assists with preparation for all services with stage set-up/tear-down and maintaining an organized, safe, and high-functioning stage setup.

AV Ministry Schedule

AV Ministry scheduling is handled through Community. Log in to check out the schedule, or manage your assignments.

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