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Vacation Bible School

Virtual VBS 2020

Southlake, Texas — Countryside Children’s Ministries launched a 5 day kid-focused streaming channel, “The Ends of the Earth Travel Network,” that premiered on July 13. This interactive programming is sponsored by Mission Air and focuses on the gospel and the need for all people everywhere to hear and respond to it. It is super fun for kids and super simple for parents!

If you missed the live programming, you can still join in by watching the programs below or on YouTube!

Digital resources are also provided to help you make the most of the programming. Register below to receive additional digital resources and information.

See the Virtual VBS FAQ and Introductory Press Conference below for more information.

Daily Programming

  1. Day 1 - Papua New Guinea

  2. Day 2 - India

  3. Day 3 - China

  4. Day 4 - Chile

  5. Day 5 - Iran

  1. Virtual VBS Registration

    Online registration for local participants to receive supply boxes has closed. Register below to receive supplemental digital resources and other information.

Virtual VBS FAQ

What will this virtual VBS be like?

Each day's broadcast is roughly 75-90 minutes. The programs are designed for kids going in to kindergarten through 5th grade, but all are welcome to participate. The broadcast's are interactive with crafts, activities, and games designed to help your child engage with the programs. See the digital resources parent guide for a recommended supply list and other resources.

Sounds fun, but I'm not sure I can (or want to) run a VBS in my house?

This is not simply a "typical" VBS in your home. While it will include many similar elements (crafts, skits, lessons, music, activities, etc.), don't think you will be in charge of running those things for your kids! Our travel network will feature a variety of programs that direct them through these elements and we have picked crafts and other activities that are simple and intended to be easily completed at home. So while some supervision and assistance will be helpful, we are working to make it as easy as possible for parents or other guardians to facilitate this VBS at home. In addition, there is a concise parent guide that gives you an overview and additional details that will be helpful throughout the week.

We really want to be involved, but we can't participate on those dates or times?

Not a problem! You can still participate later in the day or during another week. While a few elements (submitting completed memory verses, etc.) are time-sensitive, the vast majority of the VBS can be enjoyed at any time.

  1. Introductory Press Conference

    June 3, 2020 - Announcing the To the Ends of the Earth Travel Network

2020 VBS Videos