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Cubbies is a two-year weekly club program for preschoolers, taking place during the two years prior to kindergarten. To participate in person, Cubbies must be at least 3 years old by September 1 and be potty-trained.

The program features Scripture memorization and age-appropriate Bible learning. The Cubbies handbook is broken up into weekly sections, called Bear Hugs, which contain a story about Cubbie Bear, a lesson from the Bible, and the memory verse.

This year, our Cubbies club will be conducted at home. We hope to resume in-person next school year.

Cubbies at Home

We are excited for your child to participate in Cubbies at Home! So Cubbies can take place each week on the day and time that is best for you and your Cubbie as follows:

  • Parents will be able to sign off on their children's sections and give them their much deserved patches as they work through their book.
  • You can also expect weekly videos from Cubbie Bear to help your children learn their verses and motivate them to continue hiding God's Word in their heart.
  • After your child has recited the verse and completed the section for the week please complete the memory verse submission form so we can track your progress.

See the Virtual Cubbies Parent Handbook for additional details.

Upcoming Cubbies Sections

1/10 - Bear Hug 13

1/17 - Bear Hug 14

1/24 - Bear Hug 15

1/31 - Bear Hug 16

2/7 - Bear Hug 17

2/14 - Bear Hug 18

2/21 - No Awana

2/28 - Bear Hug 19

Cubbies Bear Hugs Videos

  1. Bear Hug 18

    Cubbies Bear Hug 18

  2. Bear Hug 17

    Cubbies Bear Hug 17

  3. Bear hug 16

    Cubbies Bear Hug 16

Past Cubbie Videos