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Children's Sunday School

In Children’s Sunday School, kids are taught an overview of the Bible using the Generations of Grace curriculum. This year, we are focusing on the life of Christ from the gospels. Music and activities reinforce the truth of each week’s lesson.

Children's Sunday School In-Person Classes: We have limited Children's Sunday School classes with pre-registration for preschool and elementary kids. Registration for in-person Sunday morning Children's Classes closes at the end of the day on Friday.

  • Kids in kindergarten and under may register for both services each week as space is available. Registration for these children and nursery age children is included in the Worship Service registration, available on the Countryside homepage each week.
  • Elementary kids may register for one service each week as space is available. Since we encourage elementary kids to attend the service with their families, these classes are primarily for those whose parents are serving during one of the services or are participating in adult Sunday School classes that week. Registration for these children will be emailed out mid-week to these groups and is available through the Worship Service registration form for others as needed and available. If you are not currently in an adult Sunday School class, but plan to participate, register on the Adult Sunday School page to receive communication from that class.

Children's Sunday School at Home: We also offer a weekly Sunday School at Home option featuring music, a lesson, a catechism question and an at home activity Funbook. This weekly video for all Sunday School age kids is available below by the end of the day Friday each week.

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Preschool Sunday School Volunteers

    We need additional adult volunteers to serve full-time or as substitutes in preschool classes beginning September 13.

  2. Elementary Sunday School Volunteers

    We need additional adult volunteers to serve full-time or as substitutes in elementary classes beginning September 13.

Sunday School at Home

  1. VSS Week 21
    • Jesus Defines Discipleship
    • 2021-02-21
    • Joe Hayhurst - Children's Ministry Director
    • Mark 8:27-38
    • We must follow the Messiah.
    Funbook Activities
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • If you want to follow Jesus, what do you have to do?
    • What does it mean to deny yourself?
    • What does it mean to "take up your cross"?
    • Is following Jesus worth it?
    • What are the offices Christ fulfilled as the promised Messiah?
    • Prophet, Priest, and King
    • Review
    • 2021-02-28
    • Matthew 8, 12 & 14; Mark 4 & 5; Luke 8; John 6
    • Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • What are some of the things Jesus did that only God can do?
    • What do these things tell you about Jesus?
    • Since Jesus is God, how should you respond to His Word?
    • What does it mean to follow Jesus?
    • How is Christ your prophet?
    • Christ teaches me the will of God.
    • Jesus Is Gloriously Transfigured
    • 2021-03-07
    • Luke 9:27-36
    • Jesus is the King of Glory.
    For Discussion
    For Discussion
    • When Jesus changed, what did He look like?
    • What did the light pouring out of Jesus show about Him?
    • What did God say out of the cloud?
    • Why should we listen to Jesus?
    • How is Christ your priest?
    • Christ died for me; He prays for me.

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