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Journey seeks to establish high school students as lifelong disciples through memorization and study of God's Word, mobilizing them to live with godly perspective and evident faith.

This year, our Journey club will be conducted at home. We hope to resume in-person next school year.

Journey at Home

This fall, we are planning on having a zoom meeting about once each month where leaders can be available to sign off certain items if needed and answer any questions.

Handbook Sections

Although we will not be meeting together in-person initially, we would like for each student to commit to staying up to date with the assigned sections as much as possible. We are asking parents to help us out with passing off the weekly book sections and CBC youth reading. Parents can sign off on sections using the section completion form.

Please review the Journey Schedule and Requirements to find out when each section is due and what is required to pass each section.

Bible Reading Plan

In addition to the weekly handbook sections, daily Bible reading is a requirement for Journey students. The goal of reading is to 1) expose your heart to the life-giving words of God, and 2) encourage the critical spiritual discipline of regular, habitual Bible reading and study. Students will need to complete the Countryside Youth reading plan booklets for each month from September through April. To submit that your child completed the monthly reading please use the Journey Bible Reading form.

Upcoming Schedule

3/21 - Lesson 7.2 - Baptism

3/28 - Lesson 7.3 - Celebration

4/4 - No Awana

4/11 - Lesson 7.4 - Church

4/18 - Lesson 8.1 - Jerusalem

4/25 - Lesson 8.4 - Missions