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Affirmations & Interview Request

After completing all three (3) sessions of the membership class, please complete the form below.

This form has three sections:


Here is where you will affirm Countryside's doctrinal statement, distinctives, constitution and bylaws. Please note any reservations/concerns you have under each section.

Ministry Experience and Involvement

This section of the form is designed to gain information from you about your past ministry experience and where you are currently involved at Countryside.

Leadership Interview Request

This section of the form is where you will request an elder, pastor or approved ministry leader to conduct your membership interview.

Note: the leadership at Countryside will attempt to honor your interview request, but there is no guarantee in who will be available for your interview.

Note: If you and your spouse are applying for membership together, your membership interviews will most likely be completed together.

Community Database Privacy

At Countryside, we want our database system to protect your information while still maximizing engagement between you and the other members. Please choose the most open privacy settings that you are comfortable with so that others can connect with you easily!

Leadership Only: Your information will only be viewable by church staff and leadership.

My Groups: Your information will be viewable by church staff and leadership, as well as those who are in the same groups you are (Sunday School class, fellowship group, etc.).

All Countrysiders: Your information will be viewable by all Countrysiders with active logins.

Affirmations & Interview Request