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Ministry Application

Thank you for your interest in serving in one of our ministries here at Countryside Bible Church. Our college ministry teams are for anyone who knows Jesus as Lord and Savior, who is walking with Him, who desires to be involved in ministry, and who is committed to regularly attending Roots and Sunday morning Worship.

  • RAV Team
  • Music Team
  • Card Ministry Team
  • Greeters Team
  • Snack Team

What are the qualifications?

  • You need to have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
  • You need to be growing in your sanctification in the Lord. There should be a clear indication of an increasing pattern of righteousness in your life as you seek to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.
  • Your motivation for serving must be Christ-centered, not self-driven. Ministry must flow out of your personal relationship with Christ and desire to glorify Him.
  • You must be, and continue to be, regularly attending Roots and Sunday morning Worship.

Please feel free to contact Brandon at the church office if you have any questions.

Step One: Roots Ministry Application

  1. Roots Ministries

    If you have not been approved fill out the step one: Roots Ministry Application form below.
    If you are in Roots and you have been approved to serve, step two is to choose a ministry team.

    If you have questions, contact Brandon Ragsdale.

    Select Registration Type