Missionary mitchell

Ryan and Elna Mitchell

Finisterre Vision

Ryan and Elna Mitchell with their two children, Calista and Sebastian, are missionaries to the unreached tribal peoples of Papua New Guinea (PNG), specifically the Mawarero in the Finisterre Mountains. They leave on November 18 for Madang, PNG, to learn Tok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin), the first step toward learning nDo, the language of Mawarero. Then, Lord-willing, they will join their teammates, the Cann family, as part of the church planting and Bible translation team sent out by Grace Bible Church (Tempe, AZ).

Over the next few months, the focus of their team will be on finalizing and implementing a literacy program in the village, an essential step in preparation for the chronological gospel preaching that will follow. The people of Mawarero need to see that the message is from the written Word of God, not just those of the missionaries, and thus the need to be able to read it in their own language.

Prayer Requests

  • For safe travels to Papua New Guinea.
  • For grace to learn Tok Pisin and communicate well with the people of PNG.
  • For good relations with the people of Mawarero: many are thankful for the missionaries, but others are suspicious.
  • For wisdom, patience, and endurance for Ryan as he works through the Hebrew text of Genesis.


  • For approval of their work permits and entry visas.
  • For God’s continued encouragement through those who support them.