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Sparks is a three-year weekly club program for those in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. The program features Scripture memorization, age appropriate instruction from God’s Word, and lots of fun! The Sparks program is designed to help leaders reinforce the teaching parents do in the home as a way to assist parents in spiritually nurturing their children.

This year, our Sparks club will be conducted at home. We hope to resume in-person next school year.

Sparks at Home

We are excited for your child to participate in Sparks at Home as follows:

Children are encouraged to work through their books at their own pace, memorizing their verses and reciting them to their parent or another caring adult. Once these verses have been recited, they can be turned in for credit by filling out the Spark Memory Verse Submission form.

Review Sections

“ReturnFlight” review sections must be tested by a Sparks leader over the phone. Please fill out this form to schedule a time for a leader to test your child.

See the Sparks Parent Handbook for additional details. We are looking forward to a fun and wonderful year!

Songs to help you learn the Books of the Bible

Old Testament Books
New Testament Books