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T&T (Truth & Training) is a three-year program for students in 3rd through 5th Grade. There are separate T&T clubs for girls and boys. The program features Scripture memorization and age-appropriate Bible studies to help your children learn more about 4 basic principles – God’s attributes, the Bible, Jesus, and how we should respond to the truth of the Bible.

This year, our T&T clubs will be conducted at home. We hope to resume in-person next school year.

T&T at Home

This year T&T will be quite different than in the past! We will not be meeting in person at least for the fall semester. That means parents will have an important role in T&T by listening to and logging the sections their clubbers complete every week. We have more information in the T&T Parent Handbook to explain exactly what that looks like!

Passing Sections in the handbook

All T&T clubbers will be working through the Discovery of Grace book this year. The handbook includes memory verses, Bible studies and activities that help clubbers delve deeper into the truths presented in the books. Clubbers should be prepared to recite the verses (usually one new verse and one review verse) and show their completed activities and Bible study to their parents. Parents then submit the completed sections using the online form.

-Boys submission form

-Girls submission form

Rules for completing units:

  • Clubbers are encouraged to follow the provided schedule so that they can completing the book by the end of the year. If a clubber misses a week, they may make up that section at any time.
  • Parents/Leaders will give a maximum 2 helps per section (a help is 3 words max). If a clubber cannot complete the verse(s) and the review verse without additional help, they need to work to memorize the verses better and try again.
  • All verses in a section should be said at one time without looking at the book in between verses.
  • The Gold and Silver sections (in each section) are optional for all clubbers but are a great way to dig deeper into the truth the club is focusing on that week. The kids can earn special award patches for completing ALL the silver and/or gold sections at the end of the year.

Review Weeks:

There are four units in the T&T book and at the end of each unit there is a review section that requires the student to recite all the verses they memorized all at one time! These must be said to T&T leader.

We will schedule Sunday evening Zoom sessions for students to recite the review section verses to a leader when we get to these sections in the book.

Upcoming Sections:

3/21 - 4.3 Discovery of Peace and Patience

3/28 - 4.4 Discovery of Kindness and Goodness

4/4 - No Awana

4/11 - 4.5 Discovery of Faithfulness

4/18 - 4.6 Discovery of Gentleness

4/25 - 4.7 Discovery of Grace

5/2 - Unit 4 Review