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Trek is a three-year program for those in 6th – 8th Grade. The program features Scripture memorization, age-appropriate instruction from God’s Word, discussion groups and lots of fun! It is designed to help reinforce the teaching parents do in the home as a way to assist in spiritually nurturing students.

This year, our Trek club will be conducted at home. We hope to resume in-person next school year.

Trek at Home

Parents will sign off on sections and help your student through their book. To pass a section the following must be completed:

  • Student must complete the "Work it out" questions.
  • Student must quote the verses for that section to the parent (two small helps allowed).
  • Student must be spending consistent time in the Word (this is a requirement of Trek).

To submit that your child completed a section please sign the book and fill out the submission form here. You can submit one section at a time, or lots of sections whatever you prefer. (I will be submitting one per Unit for my Trek student). If you need to submit sections for a different book please fill out the other section.

Review Weeks:

At the end of each unit there is a review section that requires the student to recite all the verses they memorized all at one time! These must be said to Trek leader.

We will schedule Sunday evening Zoom sessions for students to recite the review section verses to a leader when we get to these sections in the book.

Upcoming Trek Sections

3/21 - Section 4.4

3/28 - Section 4.5

4/4 - No Awana

4/11 - Section 4.6

4/18 - Section 4.7

4/25 - Unit 4 Review