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A High View of God

A High View of Scripture

Countryside Bible Church

Southlake, TX

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Worship with Us

Sunday - August 1, 2021

    • 2021-08-01 AM
    • Help Wanted
    • Jonathan Anderson
    • 2 Timothy 4:9-22
    • 2021-08-01 AM
    • Morning Worship Service
    • 2021-08-01 PM
    • Majestic Omnipotence
    • Brandon Ragsdale
    • Psalm 93

Church Life

  1. Equipped 01


    The Equipped Seminar Series will be a twice a year opportunity for the whole church to be equipped in areas vital to the Christian life, to be prepared both to respond biblically as individuals and also to encourage one another biblically.

    Our speaker for these seminars will be Dr. Stuart Scott, covering the topics of fear/worry/anxiety, depression, pride/humility, and biblical decision-making.

  2. Church Life Announcement Prayer

    Prayer Requests

    We desire to serve one another in the body of Christ through prayer. If you would like to submit a prayer request to the church staff, please follow the link below.