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Facility Policies

God has graciously provided wonderful facilities for the people of Countryside in which we can worship, learn, fellowship, and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is our desire that these facilities are used for God-honoring events for many years to come. In order to be good stewards of these facilities, we have established policies and procedures that are intended to help the various groups that use our facilities to avoid scheduling conflicts and maintain our facilities in the best condition possible.

Please carefully read this booklet and contact the church office with any questions or concerns.

Our facilities will only be used for activities that align with the church’s doctrinal statement and distinctives. With that in mind, our facilities will be reserved for three types of functions:

  1. Regularly Scheduled Ministries: Worship Services, Sunday School, Men’s, Women’s, College, Youth and Children’s Ministries, etc.
  2. Special Ministry Events: Men’s breakfasts, church receptions, ministry meetings, conferences, fellowships, luncheons, etc.
  3. Member Activities: Weddings, funerals and a limited number of other approved activities. Excluding funerals, these activities will only be available to members of Countryside Bible Church. Other approved activities may include significant events such as a 50th wedding anniversary. The facilities will not be available for birthday parties, family reunions, personal graduation parties, etc.

Building Fees

There is no fee for using the facilities for CBC ministry events or funerals. However, building fees are required when reserving the facilities for non-ministry events (e.g. Weddings, 50thwedding anniversary, etc.).

We have a separate Wedding Policy Manual that addresses specific needs of those planning a wedding at Countryside Bible Church. A copy of the policy is available in the church office.

A fee is required for each building used. Please write one check to Countryside Bible Church and turn it into the office no later than one week before the event.

Large Event (Wedding, Drama Presentation, etc.):

  • Worship Center - $1000
  • Worship Center Lobby (Max. 50 guests) - $500
  • Chapel - $750

These fees include:

  • AV Technician
  • Media/Lighting Technician
  • Video & Camera Operators
  • Custodial Services
  • Wedding Coordinator (as applicable)

Standard Event (50th Anniversary Party, Reception, etc.):

  • Worship Center - $750
  • Worship Center Lobby - $250
  • Chapel - $400
  • Fellowship Hall - $200
  • North Education Bldg. - $100

These fees include:

  • AV Technician
  • Custodial Services


The Master Church Calendar is accessible on the church website at All CBC events held on or off church campus must be approved and scheduled on the church calendar.

Please do not schedule adult ministry activities the same evenings as Home Fellowships.

For on campus events, the church custodian will unlock and lock up the building(s) used.

There are times when the facilities will not be available due to:

  • The scheduling of major events
  • The work load of the custodial staff
  • General maintenance


Select a date that is available on the church calendar. If the date preferred is unavailable, please do not contact the person in charge of the previously scheduled event to request them to make a change in their plans.

To submit an event for approval, an “Event and Resource Request Form” must be filled out and submitted at least three weeks in advance of the desired event date.

To access this form, follow the steps below:

Once submitted the form will be processed for approval. The Calendar Coordinator will then notify the person who submitted the form regarding the status of the event requested.

Long Range Planning

Our priority in scheduling the facilities is the regular ministries of the church. In light of this, requested dates that are well in the future may not be approved until the regular ministries of the church are able to provide the times they intend to use the facilities.

Custodial/Campus Hours

Sunday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

General Care of Facilities

It is expected that everyone who uses these facilities will take great care to keep them in the best possible condition.

We have an excellent team that serves our custodial needs, but it remains the responsibility of each group to leave the facilities clean and orderly.

The following guidelines apply to all buildings and rooms on campus:

  • If set up is needed for an event it must be requested via the “Event and Resource Request Form”. All requests must be turned in at least three weeks in advance.
  • Set-ups are subject to approval based on resource availability and fire codes.
  • Please do not move the retractable walls in any of the campus buildings without assistance from the facilities staff.
  • Please only use the facilities that you are scheduled to use.
  • All buildings on campus have a maximum number of tables that can be set up. Contact the Facilities Administrator for those specifications.
  • Children must always be supervised.
  • All tables must be cleared of decorations and personal items when your event is finished.
  • Return all items to their original location.
  • Any candles used for decoration must be flameless or in a glass container.
  • No red food or beverage is allowed in any of the church buildings. (icing, sauces, punch, etc.).
  • Alcohol, smoking, and dancing are not allowed on the Church campus.
  • All events scheduled on Tuesday–Friday must be finished, cleaned up, and evacuated no later than 10:00 pm.
  • The campus is closed on Mondays.
  • In the event anything is broken, please inform the church office right away at 817-488-5381.

Saturday Use

All events scheduled on Saturday, including weddings, must begin no later than 3:00 pm and be finished, cleaned up, and evacuated, no later than 5:00pm.

Sunday Use

We do not expect our custodians to be available on Sundays for any set up, clean up, or take down. In the event that you schedule an activity during this time, you are responsible for your own set up and take down. Please be absolutely certain that the facility is ready for the next group to use. The custodian will be available to unlock doors and give direction regarding clean up.

Note: Fellowship Hall set-up for Sunday afternoon activities must not begin before 12:30pm.

AV Equipment

We have sound systems located in each building on campus. Only authorized individuals are allowed to operate the sound systems in any building. You must include any needs for A/V equipment in your original Event Request Form at least three weeks in advance.

Flower Beds/Grounds

If your event is outside, please take great care to maintain the beauty of our landscape. Keep everyone out of the flower beds and make sure all trash is collected and properly disposed of.


Regardless of which building you reserve, if you intend to use the kitchen for any reason you must also reserve it.

To request items in the kitchen and/or reserve linens, please fill out the Kitchen Equipment and Linen Reservation Request Form. The form is included as part of the “Event and Resource Request Form” mentioned above.

The Gym kitchen is a warming kitchen only. All cooking must be done in the Fellowship Hall kitchen.

The request form must be submitted at least three weeks before the event.

General Use

  • Always clean, dry, and return dishes, utensils, etc. to their original location. Please do not leave them on the counter.
  • Wipe down with light soap and water (no chemicals please) all countertops and make sure the trash is in the receptacles.
  • Clean up any spills on the floors (no chemicals please).
  • Do not leave food or drink on the counters, in the refrigerators, or in the freezers.
  • Turn off any appliances that were used.
  • Turn large Curtis coffee machine to “hold”.
  • Return any unused paper goods and coffee supplies to their original locations.
  • Do not clean any of the Curtis Industrial Coffee Makers on campus.
  • Leave coffee pots, plastic containers and coffee urns open after they are cleaned so they dry completely.
  • Please do not take equipment from one kitchen to the other kitchen. Use only what is in the kitchen you reserved.
  • Please do not leave any supplies, food, dishes or equipment as donations for the kitchen.
  • Linens are to be folded and placed on the kitchen counter.

Specialized Equipment

We have a commercial kitchen that requires special care. Anyone wishing to use the equipment listed below must first be trained by one of our Kitchen Coordinators. Contact information for our coordinators may be obtained from the church office.

Training is required for the following appliances:

  • Gas Range, Grill, Ovens and Hood Vent
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposer
  • Automatic Coffee Maker
  • Curtis Industrial Coffee Maker

Special Instructions for Particular Buildings or Rooms

Worship Center

  • Permission must be granted to use the sound system, special lighting, and any of the instruments.
  • No food or drink other than water is allowed in the auditorium.
  • Only a limited number of activities are allowed in the Worship Center.
  • Approved non-CBC activities in the Worship Center are limited to one rehearsal (if needed) and the presentation.
  • All other rehearsals must be scheduled in another building.

North Building

  • The main room of the North Building will only be scheduled in limited situations.

Fellowship Hall

  • The Fellowship Hall is heavily used for receptions, dinners, fellowship meetings, etc.
  • Do not allow this area to be used for any type of child play or active games.

Nursery and Toddler Rooms

  • These rooms are only available for age-appropriate activities.
  • If approved for use, our Nursery Coordinator has provided guidance on the requirements for cleaning both the room and the toys, as well as, the removal of trash to the hallway. These guidelines are available in the church office.
  • The CBC “Child Protection Policy” must be followed when these rooms are used.
  • The infant nursery and toddler rooms may not be used as dressing rooms for weddings or as meeting/project rooms for any other event.

Tables and Chairs

  • Tables are not available to be borrowed for off-site use.
  • Subject to availability, arrangements can be made by contacting the Calendar Coordinator to borrow chairs.